C Rankin

Refuge's Call

Taken at sunset at the House of Refuge on the Treasure Coast of Florida.

Blue Boardwalk

Long exposure of the boardwalk on Juno Beach.

Fire Ball

Taken at the annual Port St. Lucie Fair.

Purple Low Tide

Near Downtown Stuart at the purple hour.

Light of the Oracle

Long exposure on the Palm Beach Gardens overpass.

Moody Lighthouse

Jupiter Lighthouse at sunset.

Downtown Stuart Bridge

Long exposure of the Downtown Stuart Bridge.

Red, White & Blue


Restrained Engineering

Had to take a shot of this since it reminded me so much of Bioshock.

Ginza Hibachi Grill

Ginza Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar in West Palm Beach, FL.

Classic Bugatti

Shot taken at the Elliot museum in Stuart, FL.

Golden Boats

Everything looks better during the golden hour.

The Green Drink

Taken during a food truck jamboree in Abacoa Jupiter,FL.


Walked into a fancy furniture store, saw these guys sitting on a coffee table all dramatically lit, and couldn't resist snapping a shot.

Ballad of the Fireman

Shot taken at PSL Museum.

Bethesda's Eternity

Taken at Bethesda Church in Palm Beach, FL.

Circular Gilding

Light Abstraction.

Glow of Amber

The Light in the Darkness

A Glass Flower Blooms Eternal

Shot taken at the McKee Botanical Garden in Ft. Pierce, FL.

Timeless Street Clock

Found this classy looking clock in the middle of the road in Downtown Stuart, FL.

Long Convergence

Shot taken near sunset at the Phil Foster Park in West Palm Beach, FL.

Seeping Glow

Having fun with Green Tee tins and some LED lights!

Monochome Bridge

Sometimes lens flare takes on a life of its own.

The Colors of Bliss

A Macro Abstract!

Tiered Spices

Some spices and my macro lens.

Whooo Are You?

Owls are a funky bunch.

Hovering Amber

Some Asian lanterns out and about...

Vibrant Blooms

My Helios vintage lens from Russia finally arrived and I figured I'd take it out for a test run.

Pink Passion

Creamy, dreamy, passionate blooms...

Helios Bloom

I am amazed at how good my newly acquired vintage manual Russian lens is. The Helios 44-2 is great value for the money.

Sunset Causeway

Long exposure of Bridge on Hutchinson Island. You can see a UFO (probably a plane) in the shot.

Lone Star

I've never even been to Texas but I knew I had grab this shot.

Crooked Faith

Sometimes it's hard to see straight when it comes to one's faith...

Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake Heaven

I just couldn't resist...

Unlock the Knowledge

I've had this concept bouncing around in my head for awhile now. Glad I was able to turn it into a compelling image.

Grungy Cranium

Trying to get into the Halloween spirit with this shot. No PS or composite work. Just some color tweaking in LR4.

The Final Crunch

Trying to add drama and a bit of storytelling to my food shots.


Shot taken for a friend's Xmas card. Whoever said working with children is difficult wasn't kidding...


Sometimes you have to open yourself up to see the beauty that is underfoot.

Boardwalk Bird

Curious bird on the boardwalk at Juno Beach.